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What does your hair say about your environment?

Everything on this planet is a product of their environment. We can make it lovely, clean, smelling gorgeous and yet we inevitably still cook meals or stand in a hot shower longer than we should. Your hair is front and centre for all of it.

Hair Chemistry

Let's go into a little basic hair chemistry. Your hair is a structure made of amino acids joined by polypeptide chains.

Everytime you shampoo your hair it breaks the salt bonds. Applying conditioner closes the cuticle on the outside of your hair, protecting those broken bonds. Combing your hair from the bottom working your way closer to the root will reduce breakage, not just the pain. Gently teasing the hair to detangle is much gentler while your hair is in its most fragile state. You may even feel the hair stretch if you put too much pressure on the hair.

If your hair never seems to stay straight, it is because of the salt bonds. The key reason for Salt bonds is to form the structure of the hair, holding it together. It's also why hair comes out curly from a roller when set from wet (I’m sure we all have a story about having rags put in our hair as kids), and why it stays straighter longer after you've blow dried it smooth. The salt bonds reattach to the polypeptide chains and the hair becomes stronger.

If you leave the hair to dry naturally and you're a curly or wavy haired human, no amount of flat ironing will stop the hair returning to its original wet to dry state. Not looking after these bonds will simply over time, causing your hair to feel rougher, more fragile and possibly more prone to breakage.

If you want to avoid this then get yourself a brush and a decent hair dryer with a nozzle or diffuser and dry your hair as close to how you want it to look for the rest of the day.


We spoke about light in the last blog. I hope you have a better understanding about how we see your hair, but what if you love your colour when you leave the salon, but it yellows or possibly starts reflecting a touch of green.

We would ask you about your career, where you live and what hobbies and interests you have. This is in order to rule out possible causes through lifestyle.

The usual suspects for green tinges are chlorine or copper piping.

Yellowing could be down to over-shampooing, over styling with heat tools or possibly working in a kitchen. Sun exposure can cause bleaching, even the most vivid of colours will bleach out if overexposed to the sun. Sunbeds are not just skin altering, they will also fade your hair colour over time.

The Solutions

So, how do we counteract all of these factors? Simple changes can make all the difference.


  • Buy a silk turban for the sunbed

  • Wear a hat in the sun/professional chef

  • Use a heat protector before using heat tools. Goldwells 6-effects serum either just smooth or rich repair retail for £18.75 and depending if your needs repair or just smooth both give humidity control and protection from heat out with the salon.

  • Heat protectant sprays such as Sleek Perfection protects the hair from heats up to 200 degrees and retails at £15.45

  • Purple toning shampoo is also recommended, but shouldn’t be over-used. Dualsenses Blonde and Highlight Shampoo and Conditioner both have an iridescent tone which gently removes yellow staining while still adding moisture to maintain a beautifully reflective blonde. The set retails for £30.80

As for copper piping and chlorinated water:

  • Fit a filter shower head to help purify as much as possible

  • In the pool wear a swim cap and always rinse your hair thoroughly before shampooing your hair and a good soak in tomato sauce is an easy remedy if you can stand the smell.

  • Do not use clarifying shampoo this opens the cuticles wider and allows the particles to penetrate deep into the hair shaft causing a deeper shade of green.

Your environment really does have a profound effect on your hair. Investing in good hair routines ensures the best condition possible for your hair.

Also, please ask any of our team for a prescription product for your hair care needs!

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